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You can check all the Southern California topography maps you want, but you won’t find Bruce Mountain. Not officially, anyway. But as countless musicians who have used veteran singer, guitarist and songwriter Tyson Bruce’s hilltop studio in Riverside over the last 15 years can tell you, it’s the real deal. It backs up to a rock quarry that’s carved out of a mountain. That “foundation of rock” is the perfect metaphor for the Bruce Mountain Band, a powerhouse four piece band formed in 2014 by longtime musician friends Tyson Bruce (lead vocals, guitar) and PC Penunuri (lead vocals, drums). Ruben Ornelas (lead guitar, backing vocals) and Ronster Monster (bass), the band whose mission is to “let the rock rock” makes its debut with the highly ambitious album Another Day Lost.


Engineered by Bob Moon (renowned for his work with punk bands like MxPx and ska groups like The O.C. Supertones) and produced by Rob Walker (Wish For Eden), Another Day Lost’s 16 tracks create a full double album experience. Reflecting each member’s lifetime passion for and collections of vinyl, Bruce Mountain Band is following its traditional CD and digital platform releases (CD Baby, iTunes, Amazon) with a vinyl release August 1. Perfectly designed for a classic LP gatefold, the colorful, mystical album artwork allows fans to get lost as they listen to sides A, B, C and D. The first 500 will be hand numbered and will include the CD and Download sticker.


Another Day Lost is the creative culmination of a deep musical friendship between all four members, who cumulatively have performed hundreds of shows with various groups, toured the U.S. and Europe and appear on numerous recordings with their various previous ensembles. Their chemistry is rooted in a love for classic rock, including legends like David Bowie, AC/DC, KISS, The Ramones and New York Dolls. The band’s goal all along was simply to create a new rock outlet to share music with the world. They hit the studio hard, bringing in 40 tunes and then working round the clock to complete the 16 chosen for the release.


Some of the tunes, like the rumbling, high energy jam “Feel It Too,” are lighthearted takes on romance and attraction, while others are deeper and more personal. The hypnotic, fiery opener “Shine On Shining On” is Bruce’s emotional tribute to his father, who passed away tragically from leukemia at 23 when Bruce was only a year old. Though driven by propulsive energy, it’s a deeply reflective piece about “Living on borrowed time/Another day lost as we sit and watch the son that shines…” Likewise, PC wrote the soulful power ballad “Thank You” in honor of his mother, who singlehandedly raised him and two siblings; it’s written from his unique perspective as a grown man with one of his own. Collectively, BMB write about everything from troubled relationships (“Woman”) to those confusing moments in life where we find ourselves at a “Crossroads,” where the next decision will make all the difference.


“Bruce Mountain studios was always a place to get together and record, rehearse or just rock out with whoever might be there at any given session,” Bruce says. “The four of us had always had a great appreciation of rock music, and the time was right for us to get together and start a new band. The stars aligned just right and it was a perfect combination of four musicians eager to do something new, and great behind-the-boards talent in Bob Moon and Rob Walker. This music is in our souls, and when we get together, songs just flow out of us. We all know what the next guy is going to do. We can feel it. Our saying is, We let the Rock Rock and never force it. Another Day Lost truly captures our diversity and reflects all of the music we raised with. We all feel Rock and Roll will never die. It’s just traveling down a rough road right now and we are here to get it back on track.” 

NeFutur Magazine

Bruce Mountain Band – “Another Day Lost”


Bruce Mountain Band begin their “Another Day Lost” with Shine On, a track that blends together psychedelic and hard rock. The vocals take influence from Motorhead and AC/DC, while the sizzling guitar work and on-point drumming allow this track to immediately ensnare listeners. Namaste has the band bring forth a tremendous amount of emotion in little more than an instrumental opening. When the vocals enter into the equation, the track is able to simultaneously appease fans of 1970s, 1990s, and current rock. Bits and bobs of Mott The Hoople, The Black Crowes, and Queensryche can all be discerned. 

Living Without You is a stripped-down, furious hard-rock track that clobber fans over the head with a one-two vocal/drum attack. This stripped-down approach is rough, raw, and it provides fans with the energy that they need to end Another Day Lost with the same furor that they began the album. Everything I Want, the counterpoint to Living Without You, showcases the tremendous ability of the Bruce Mountain Band. A slower tempo allows a guitar/drum/vocal dynamic to take listeners on a journey. This softer sound is perfect to bring greater narrative complexity into the mix. The guitar work encountered here creates something unique, triangulating a special sound that adopts equal parts Santana and blues.

CrookedLeg dashes a bit of Weezer-like alternative rock into the mix, putting the band’s inimitable impression on the resulting effort by virtue of a chugging sound, MC5-esque drumming, and a Monster Magnet meets Corrosion of Conformity vocal approach. Long Way Home is the concluding effort on Bruce Mountain Band’s “Another Day Lost”, adopting a deliberate, country and western style to the guitar and vocals. By doing so, the band is able to wind down the album slowly, all while providing fans with some semblance of where the Bruce Mountain Band may ultimately go on subsequent albums.

Top Tracks: Living Without You, Everything I Want

Rating: 8.7/10

Skope Magazine

Bruce Mountain Band – “Another Day Lost”

by Skope • May 18, 2016


Bruce Mountain Band’s “Another Day Lost” offers a modern update of classic psychedelic rock. Their adherence to the sound is admirable: from the fuzzed out guitars to the endless heavy grooves, they keep on driving forward. Akin to similarly structured latter-day driving psychedelic rockers like Wooden Shjips, Bruce Mountain Band is a force of nature. From the crazed guitar work to the steady persistent beat the approach is one of grandeur, of giant spaces and sounds. Great energy comes from these pieces as they interact to emerge as a fully realized album, one that adheres to an unspoken narrative of sorts.

“Shine On” starts things off on a high note with a funky keyboard introducing the band’s endless expansive approach. A slow steady build results on the dreamy work of “Thank You”, by far the highlight of the collection. Showing off their steady yet consistent guitar work, the song appears to be floating away at times, with the languid tempos working just right. Amps are turned down on the rather intimate sound of “Everything I Want”. Aptly named “FireBall” feels positively explosive as they blast through the run time. Heavy in nature is the deep thick nature of “Get Up”. Ending things on a mellow note is the atmospheric, folksy “Long Way Home” whose communal sensibility feels like the perfect kind of send off.

“Another Day Lost” shows off Bruce Mountain Band’s impressive chops, with songs that sound like true classics.

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Finally from Southern California comes the debut album from veteran rockers Bruce Mountain Band. Their new release titled "Another Day Lost" has been building over the last two years as seasoned session musician Tyson Bruce invited his friends to join him in the studio to create this new 16-song, spaced-out album. Beginning with "Shine On," you get transported back a few decades as the band's sound gives off a seventies rock vibe. The rawness of "Feel It Too" and the soulful rock ballad "Thank You" showcases the combined experience this band placed on their debut release. The energy picks up with the intensity of "Living Without You" and "Fireball" while the progressive rock feel of "Woman" fully engulfs you in their classic sound. The album finishes with the big drums and guitar riffs of "Crooked Leg," the British rock feel of "Broken Wing," along with the acoustic blues of "Long Way Home. To find out more about the Bruce Mountain Band and their latest release "Another Day Lost," please

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For fans of: Rolling Stones, Guns N’ Roses

Rock music is one of the few genres that simply cannot be done correctly without a great band, and Bruce Mountain Band is the real deal brother!  Sometimes independent bands don’t gel and you can hear it in their songs, but that’s not what’s happening on BMB’s debut 16-track double vinyl album, Another Day Lost.  This is exactly what the doctor ordered for anyone whose been dying to hear some great rock music.

My favorite track on this release is “Living Without You”.  This is an instant rock ‘n roll classic that plants a very strong stake in the ground for the Bruce Mountain Band. As you get into the song, you’ll immediately notice from the outset this super memorable guitar riff that carries throughout the track, something that truly sets the tone for an epic tune.  I really appreciated how cohesive the band was throughout the song and the awesome vocal melodies that will take you back to the good old days when rock bands were raw and skilled.  This is a must hear song that I’m sure you’ll take a liking to.

Moving into the rest of Another Day Lost, I was able to find several other songs that I enjoyed just as much as “Living Without You”, including: “Shine On”, “Feel It Too”, “Woman” and the high energy “Fireball”.  All of these songs help shape the release into a very strong compilation of musical art. I highly recommend this band to every true rock music fan who enjoyed bands like Rolling Stones and Guns N’ Roses.  Take a listen and see what you think.


Music Review: Bruce Mountain Band – ‘Another Day Lost’

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Hailing from Riverside, California, Bruce Mountain Band was founded in 2014. Its four members—Tyson Bruce (vocals, guitar), PC Penunuri (vocals, drums), Ruben Ornelas (guitar, backing vocals), and Ronster Monster (bass)—have put together in Another Day Lost a collection of 16 tracks inspired by their love for classic rock bands such as David Bowie, AC/DC, KISS, The Ramones, and New York Dolls. The band states that its goal is to create a new rock outlet to share music with the world

Some heavy themes are broached on this album. “Shine On”, for example, is a tribute by Bruce to his father who passed away at the age of 23 from leukemia when his son was a year old. And yet this remains a fun song to listen to. A bouncy, phaser-coloured synth line opens up this high tempo and energetic number that has a funky feel to it reminiscent of ’70s rock. The vocals are a little hard to discern through it all, quite unfortunately.

Other tracks that focus on heavy themes include “Thank You”, “Crossroads”, and “Woman”. The soulful rock ballad “Thank You” was written by Penunuri in honor of his mother, who singlehandedly raised him and his two siblings. It is all the more poignant that it is written from the perspective as a grown man with a child of his own. Starting slow, it does build up but remains languid and soothing throughout, something you can imagine him singing to his mother on the occasion of her birthday, for example.

“Crossroads” is another (but more rockin’) ballad with straightforward drums and guitar lines, almost as if to (ironically) compensate for the confusion that defines the moments in life when we find ourselves in a crisis with a really big decision to make. Elsewhere, the band chose to use a more progressive rock route to discuss the topic of troubled relationships, such as on “Woman”.

There are also a number of songs that are a lot more straightforward. The high energy “Feel It Too” looks at what can happen when attraction is reciprocated. The theme of the headbanging, intense, and furious “Living Without You” is quite simply stated in its title, as it is in the slower, reflective ballad “Everything I Want”, which features toned down vocals—almost hushed at times—making it sound like we are being let in on a secret.

Another Day Lost makes for a great listen for fans of classic rock. Music is available for streaming on SoundCloud. More information about the band is available on their official website and Facebook page.

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Bruce Mountain Band Crank Out The Jams

Another Day Lost

Bruce Mountain Band

Independent Release, 2016

From Riverside California comes Bruce Mountain Band, and they are an bare-knuckle dust up of a band. With gritty, unkempt guitars roiling wildly against a rock solid rhythm section, this band plays with psychedelia and all the BRUCE MOUNTAIN CVRgrittiness grunge ever claimed. The end result, a flowing, disheveled brand of rock that never goes out of style.

“Living Without You” is the kind of savage ride that makes Bruce Mountain Band stand apart. Raucous, unrefined, and ready to come apart at the seams, these upbeat, adrenalized rockers are the sort of numbers this band excels at.

“Woman” is an agitated, slower number bout a love that’s gone South. “Fireball” lives up to it’s name with a rough and tumble race to the end. Revved up and unrestrained, this is another stand-out track. “Crooked Leg,” and “Crossfit,” both have the rollicking good time feel of classic mid -seventies Stones numbers and just about the time when you think you’re done with a song, you’re happy to hear it once more.

Throughout this disc, guitars stutter and swoop, grind and growl over pulsing rhythms. This is a memorable release from a band with a classic mindset. And because they are cool like that, this is available on vinyl. ‘Natch.

Indie Minded

Another Day Lost by Bruce Mountain Band.

Formed in 2014 in Riverside, CA, Tyson Bruce, PC Penunuri, Ruben Ornelas, and Ron Moore brought their years of musician experience and a collective love of classic rock together to form Bruce Mountain Band. With each member also being a song writer, the guys quickly realized they had put together more than 40 songs. With so much material to work with, Bruce Mountain Band decided to put out a double vinyl release. Their 16 track debut, Another Day Lostis available now.

Citing influences that range from, among others, David Bowie to AC/DC and KISS to The Ramones, Bruce Mountain Band covers a lot of ground on Another Day Lost. The musical versatility on this release speaks volumes to their talent as these guys can slam the hard rock  but can also slow things down for a sensitive ballad or pass a harmonica around to transition into an alt country rock vibe. The range of influence is obvious from the first notes of the opening track, “Shine On,” where a futuristic 70s sounding synth chord intros the song. It doesn’t take long for the drums and guitar playing to get things rolling on this dedication track to Bruce’s father who passed away at a very young age.


If you’re looking for pure hard rock complete with the shredding guitars, driving drum lines and power vocals, there is plenty to pick from on Another Day Lost. “Living Without You” is among my favorite tracks and would go over well with headbangers. The intensity knocks you over right out of the gate and it keeps that pace for most of the song. The tight musicianship will have you thinking these guys have been playing together forever and the guitar solo positively kicks ass. “Fireball” is another high energy track that will have fans of mosh pits looking for somewhere to bounce around. Its drums and guitars are on point and there is something about this one that had me drawing comparisons to Guns N Roses. “Crooked Leg” sounds like a 70s version of a Joan Jett song with its pacing but the not to be missed driving drums on this one make it a standout. “Get Up” is another track heavy on the rock with a noteworthy solo that allows the guitar to star. Some other tracks for fans of guitar solos include “Namaste,” “Second Hand,” and “Broken Wing.”


Just because these guys can bang doesn’t mean they lack a more sensitive side. The best example of this can be found on “Thank You.” The combination of the tempo, the guitar playing and the vocal delivery is reminiscent of Kid Rock circa the late 90s. Written in appreciation for Penunuri’s mother who was a single parent, “Thank You” lyrically grabs at your heart strings while maintaining its rock ballad core. “Feel It Too” is another strong track that shows vulnerability. While not as raucous as some tracks, the guitars and drums power through keeping the energy steady on this song about meeting and clicking with the right person. On the flip side and albeit a bit darker, “Woman” is a track about the mixed emotions of love. “I can live/I can live/But I can’t live with that woman.”


For all of its diversity of sound amidst its solid rock soul, some of my favorite tracks move more towards the alt country sound found on songs such as “Crossfit” where the harmonica makes an appearance. The opening of “Dollar Down” instantly creates a smoky western bar atmosphere. While generally gruff in sound, there is also a chill vibe that comes through while the fade out ending reinforces its old school style. Bruce Mountain Band wraps up Another Day Lost with the fitting and mellow blues based feel of “Long Way Home.”

Successful rock bands almost always share the same story. Members work the local scene with different groups and things go fine. They get gigs and receive some attention, but eventually, they hit a wall. Members move on to other bands and the cycle repeats. But sometimes, a little bit of serendipity from the rock gods enter the picture, all of the stars align and a band that naturally fires on all cylinders is born. Bruce Mountain Band is proving to be one of those bands. Another Day Lost is a valiant debut effort and a thorough rock music compilation that stays true to the band’s motto of letting rock, rock.

Keep up with Bruce Mountain Band at the following links:

Website | Facebook | Soundcloud



Bruce Mountain Band – Another Day Lost

With its opening notes, Another Day Lost immediately offers a sense of curiosity. The swirling electronic tones wash back and forth, drawing the listener in with anticipation.

albumart_brucemountainband_200x200And so, as ‘Shine On’ unfolds into its fuller shape, we are presented with something quite opposite to those first electronic notes and instead find ourselves in the midst of gritty southern rock. Tyson Bruce’s voice drawls all over the track with a swagger and a slur, adding a richness and depth to the music.

‘Namaste’ offers a more mid tempo feel, with some great layers vocals that lean in a Guns N Roses direction, while managing to keep things feeling fresh and original. It’s a track that will get classic rock fans tapping their toes, with plenty going on to keep things interesting.

‘Thank You’ pulls things back a bit, all swirly chorus effected guitars and a romantic feel that would be fitting for the last song at a wedding, while ‘Crossroads’ stays in a similar state of reflection that ruminates and rumbles with some growling, fizzing tones that create intrigue.

There is certainly a range of sounds throughout the album – tracks like ‘Living Without You’ and ‘Woman’ channel some heavier metal tones that are aggressive and juicy.

As a 16 track double album, there is a lot to discover on Another Day Lost, so if dirty southern rock is your kind of thing, give this a spin and enjoy the ride.