Bruce Mountain Band - Tyson Bruce Vocals/Guitar, PC Penunuri Vocals/Drums, Ruben Ornelas Lead guitar/Backing Vocals, Ronster Monster Bass

You can check all the Southern California topography maps you want, but you won’t find Bruce Mountain. Not officially, anyway. But as countless musicians who have used veteran singer, guitarist and songwriter Tyson Bruce’s hilltop studio in Riverside over the last 15 years can tell you, it’s the real deal. It backs up to a rock quarry that’s carved out of a mountain. That “foundation of rock” is the perfect metaphor for the Bruce Mountain Band, a powerhouse four piece band formed in 2014 by longtime musician friends Tyson Bruce (lead vocals, guitar) and PC Penunuri (lead vocals, drums). Ruben Ornelas (lead guitar, backing vocals) and Ronster Monster (bass), the band whose mission is to “let the rock rock” 


Tyson Bruce

Guitar, Lead Vocals

Tyson has played in the So California music scene for 25 years. Whether Its playing guitar, bass, singing or producing he has been a part of over 30 Albums and compilations.

Raised on early 80s on Punk Rock he has evolved into his own style of alternative rock music.


PC  Penunuri

Drums, Lead Vocals

PC is an American musician, best known for percussions, and song writing. Born in the summer of love.


Ruben Ornelas

Lead Guitar

Ruben Is a true guitar hero raised listening to 70s and 80s rock and loves Mo Town Loves music and loves you all.


Ronster Monster


Ron has spent all of his adult life perfecting the sound and feel of the bass. Studying and learning from his favorite artist’s recordings, he applies everything he learns to his own performances. From Motown to bluegrass to punk to funk you will hear a little bit of everything when he plays.